26 October, 2012


I have purchased 3G Data Card from Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited Mumbai (MTNL Mumbai). After completing auto setup I was expecting that Internet will start smoothly and surfing will be the great   experience. But when I try to connect to net “PPP Link control Protocole was Terminated” error occur. After trying to get solution from net I called customer care No 1503 and got positive response.  Instructions are as follows:

For Windows 7 OS

Go To Control Panel

> Phone   & Modem     

> Modem Menu

> Select Com for HSPADataCard USB Modem 1

> Click on Properties Option

> Click Diagnostics

> Click Query Modem

After few seconds system will detect your USB Modem  then

Ø      Click Advanced Menu

Ø      In Extra Setting type extra initialization commands as


Click OK

After doing this setting and selecting proper Connection (in my case MTNL Mumbai 3G pre paid) internet connection was established.

MTML/BSNL 3G is the best service in available 3G services in Mumbai and Maharashtra

disconnected frequently ?  here is the Solution 

The BSNL 3G data card card gives blazing fast speeds but comes with a downside...It gets disconnected frequently! This way you cannot fire and forget your downloads. It may get disconnected as soon as it see's your back.

There is workaround for this problem. That is to use windows dial-up.

This works for me and should work for you, still DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!. I dont take any responsibilty of something going wrong to your system.

1) I assume that you have installed the bundled software inside the USB 3G data card and you can connect the 3G internet form it AND the device is connected to the system.

2) Open Device Manager. The "HSPADataCard USB Modem" should be listed there. Right click to open properties. In the open window choose the "Advanced" tab. In the 'extra initialization commands:' enter at+cgdcont=1,"IP","bsnlnet". click OK to close the window.
Find attached images

3) From Control Panel open "Network and Sharing Center". From the left hand pane click "Change Adapter Settings". You should see a dial-up connection for your 3G Modem.Right click and choose properties. Select the "General" Tab. In the Phone Number box enter *99# Create a shortcut to the dial-up connection on your desktop. (If not you will have to create Dial-up connection in "Network and Sharing Center". See bottom of the post)

Find attached images

4) Select the "Options" tab make changes as follows :

Check "Display progress while connecting"
Uncheck all others.
Enter "Redial attempts" 99
Enter "Time between redial attempts" 1 Second
Enter "Idle time before hanging "never"

Check "Redial if line is dropped"

Click OK
Find attached images

Right Click the dial-up connection and click "Connect"
Your internet should be running now.

Now windows automatically attempts to connects to the modem if line is dropped.

Note: Dont connect through your BSNL software! It should stay running in the background. you may minimize it to sys tray.

[To Create Dial-up connection open "Network and Sharing Center". Click "Setup a new connection or network". Click next. Follow the instructions. Enter phone no as *99# when prompted. Leave username and password blank when prompted.]


when you will get red signal in teracom 3g software it means no coverage.

when it turn to green but GPRS or EDGE network, it means 2G network, so you dont get speed.

When its show UMTS or HSPA, it means its 3G So you will get 200 to 400 kBPS minimum.

IF you want to use other sim card in Teracom 3G datacard, then you can contact me on :rushabh2886@gmail.com Its free for social service.



try 'Reconnect'. i think it works fine too. just give it a go. you can find the software in cnet or softpedia.


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